A Realistic Cleaning Routine and How to Stick to it!

Why does cleaning your house regularly feel like the most dreaded thing to do? Well, for starters, the reason why so many people are turned off by home cleaning is owed to the fact that they allow it to reach a state where you require a lot more time and energy to get your house looking neat and clean again. That, and the fact that cleaning isn’t the most fun activity to do! Nevertheless, keeping a clean home is important for your physical and mental well-being, and hence, a cleaning routine is a must to achieve this.

So, how do you come up with a house cleaning routine that will fit into your schedule, not tire you out, and keep your home clean and tidy so that it’s easier to stick to? We have all the answers right here!

Categorize Cleaning Tasks: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by a messy or dirty home and it’s even more normal to feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time or energy to do it. The best way to get past this feeling is by understanding that you don’t have to do everything at once! What this means is that your cleaning routine can be categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks so that they do not burden you. Realistically speaking, when you know that you have lesser to do, the more motivated you will be to get it done.

Now, let’s take a look at some common house cleaning tasks that you need to do on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly basis.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  1. De-clutter as many rooms as you can; this includes putting things away or back in place so that they aren’t cluttering up surfaces
  2. Dust the furniture using a quick and effective tool such as the Swiffer Duster (this can also be done on alternate days if you don’t live in a dusty area)
  3. Vacuum/sweep and mop the kitchen floor
  4. Wipe down kitchen counters, the sink, and stovetop (if used)
  5. Vacuum/sweep at least 1 or 2 other rooms
  6. Spot clean stains with a mop and cleaning spray after vacuuming or sweeping
  7. Wipe down bathroom fittings, the sink, and other surfaces using a clean scrubber and all-purpose cleaner
  8. Spot clean the bathroom floor

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Tasks

  1. Clean the toilet bowl + exteriors
  2. Wash the bathroom floor + shower area or bathtub
  3. Wipe cabinet tops and exteriors
  4. Wipe down appliance exteriors
  5. Dust window panes + window frames, inside and outside

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

  1. Wash windows
  2. Clean mirrors
  3. Clean ceiling fans
  4. Wipe wall-mounted fixtures such as light sconces and clocks
  5. Vacuum/sweep and mop the floor thoroughly in every room

Monthly Cleaning Task

  1. Deep clean microwave and oven
  2. Move furniture around in 1 or 2 rooms and vacuum thoroughly to remove dust bunnies
  3. Deep clean one room by cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and cupboards, and decluttering with the intention of getting rid of things you don’t need anymore
  4. Clean out refrigerator
  5. Clean and organize your closet and dresser
  6. Clean vents and air filters in your air conditioning units

The most important thing to remember is that a realistic cleaning routine is tailored to one’s unique needs. The categories above can be tweaked in order to meet your home’s cleaning requirements while fitting into your schedule.

Moreover, you should know that sticking to your cleaning routine does not mean that you can’t skip 1 or 2 tasks (if not all) on days when you are taking on bigger cleaning challenges such as deep cleaning appliances or an entire room. In fact, if you are consistent with your daily and bi-weekly cleaning routine, it gives you the privilege of taking more rest days because your house will be a lot cleaner and tidier than before!

Cleaning Routines and Schedules Go Hand in Hand!

You can’t have a cleaning routine without having a schedule. How else are you going to remember what you have to do each day or stay on track? If you’ve never made up a cleaning schedule to help you stick to your routine, it’s time to did!

Again, this schedule is YOURS, and can only be customized to fit into your day-to-day routine. It does, however, help to fix certain times in the day to do particular cleaning tasks; for example, you can divide your daily cleaning tasks into a morning and evening routine so that you do not spend too much time and energy on them in one go.

You will also need to figure out which days you want to dedicate to cleaning different rooms that are not part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine. For example, if you vacuum and spot clean the floor in your living room and dining room on Monday, you can mark the bedrooms for Tuesday.

The thing about cleaning routines is that no one tells you to be realistic when creating and sticking to one. Well, you’ve heard it here first and we can vouch for this tried and tested approach to keeping a clean and neat home with a cleaning routine!


Simple Homemade Cleaners and How to Use Them

No one can deny the benefits of using homemade cleaners as an alternative to store-bought cleaning products. They can be made with all-natural ingredients so there’s never a worry of harmful chemicals being left around the house for your kids or pets to come in contact with. Unfortunately, a lot of people are skeptical of their efficacy. So, are natural DIY homemade cleaners really effective? The answer is YES! The simple recipes we are going to share with you to make your own line of house cleaners are not only tried and tested but will also save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! With that said, let’s get right to our simple and effective homemade cleaners and their intended uses.

Homemade Glass Cleaner

Have you noticed that sharp smell you get when you spray glass cleaner on your windows or mirrors? That’s caused by the chemicals present in glass cleaning products as the fine droplets are dispersed into the air. The good news is that the natural alternative to this can be made with just 2 ingredients mixed in some water! In a bowl, combine the following ingredients:
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/4 cup 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • 1/2 cup cider vinegar
Stir it up to mix all the ingredients properly and then pour the solution into a spray bottle. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil for a pleasant fragrance if you’d like. Store your DIY glass cleaner in a cool, dry place, and remember to shake the bottle well before every use.

Homemade Kitchen Surface Cleaner

The last place you want to have traces of chemicals is in your kitchen, also known as the place where you cook and prepare meals! From the countertop and the kitchen sink to appliance exteriors and kitchen cabinets; having a natural kitchen surface cleaner made with ingredients you can cook with is certainly a win-win! To make your homemade kitchen surface cleaner, mix the following ingredients:
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 4 cups of water
  • Juice of 1 lemon
Combine the ingredients and clean surfaces using a scrubber soaked in the solution. This kitchen cleaner will not only cut through grease (more effectively if warmed up), but it also helps to deodorize kitchen surfaces!

Homemade Degreaser 

For stubborn grease and grime, you will need a stronger cleaning solution than your DIY kitchen surface cleaner. Particularly when cleaning stove grates or oven racks that have burnt-on grease and food bits, the use of household ammonia in the solution is way more effective. Make your homemade grease cleaner with the following ingredients:
  • 1 part water
  • 1 part household ammonia
  • A small amount of eco-friendly liquid dish soap to create suds
In a spray bottle, pour the water, and then add the ammonia, and a squirt or two of dish soap. Close the bottle and shake well to mix the ingredients. The homemade grease cleaner is now ready to use, however, it is important to rinse off the surface thoroughly after using it. WARNING: Mix the ingredients in a ventilated room and use gloves and protective goggles when handling ammonia as it can cause skin and eye irritation.
Homemade Multipurpose Cleaner
As the name suggests, a multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean various household surfaces including furniture, walls, and bathroom surfaces. It is a very handy homemade cleaner to have when you need to quickly clean or spot clean a surface with just the solution and a cloth or scrubber. Here’s what you’ll need to make your DIY multipurpose cleaner:
  • 1/4 cup castile soap
  • 2 and a half cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons of essential oil (for fragrance)
Mix all the ingredients and pour the solution into a spray bottle. This can be stored at room temperature and used as and when needed by shaking the bottle and spraying it directly on the surface or on your cleaning tool.
Homemade Floor Cleaner
The quality and nature of household floor cleaners are important because they are used in such a wide area of your home. In other words, using a chemical-free and pleasant smelling cleaning solution is the need of the hour! To make an effective, stain-removing DIY floor cleaner, combine the following ingredients:
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup castile soap
  • 1-2 tablespoons of essential oil
The quantities above are sufficient for cleaning 1-2 rooms but if you’d like to make a larger solution, be sure to maintain the ratios. After mixing the ingredients properly, dampen a mop with the solution and clean your floors to remove stains and give your home a pleasant fragrance! With these simple recipes to make DIY household cleaners, you’ll never have to worry about buying toxic,  cleaning products that are not environmentally friendly again! So, don’t let skepticism keep you from giving them a try; if it works for us, it will work for you, too!

The 3 Phases of Cleaning a Home to Sell

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. First of all, congratulations! That’s a major decision and a big step toward the next chapter in your life. Now, your ultimate goal is to make a sale quickly — at a price that you’re happy with. Since there’s a lot that goes into prepping a home to sell, it’s important to take it one step at a time, and cleaning is a good place to start. We’ve broken the home cleaning process into three phases, along with helpful resources for each.

Phase 1: The Initial Deep Clean

The first step in preparing your home to sell is to thoroughly clean and de-clutter every space. You can take this work on yourself, but it’s usually best to hire professionals. Tampa Bay Maid Cleaning Services Offers Exceptional Home Cleaning Services How to De-clutter Any Room: 5 Tips That Work! Cleaning Schedule to Deep Clean Your House This Is the Smartest Way to Clean Any Room in Your House How to Clean Your House Fast: 11 Efficient House Cleaning Tips Simple Homemade Cleaners and Their Intended Uses

Phase 2: Keeping It Clean

Now that you’ve deep cleaned your home, you need to keep it cleaned and organized for scheduled and last-minute showings. A Down and Dirty Weekly Cleaning Schedule That Keeps Your House Clean 10 Secrets That Will Help You Keep Your House Clean and Organized Once and for All! Where to Store Belongings When Preparing to Sell your Home

Phase 3: Getting Ready for an Open House

Once you’ve done the work of de-cluttering and cleaning, you’ll need to stage your home for buyers. Make cosmetic repairs, depersonalize, and keep it clean. Open House Checklist for Sellers Home Staging Tips: How to Stage a House for a Quick Sale How to Stage a Living Room That Is Right Off of the Foyer How to Sell Your House Despite Your Messy Kids Cleaning your home to get it ready to sell may feel like an overwhelming project, and it can be if you go into it without a plan. However, if you separate it into three phases and strategize a little bit, you might be surprised by how much smoother it makes the process. Focus on deep cleaning your home, keeping it clean while it’s on the market, and making sure that it’s staged to appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers.

Contact Tampa Bay Maid cleaning services at (813) 577-0441 to schedule a virtual house cleaning estimate.


The Importance of Hiring a Professional Move-in Cleaning Service

The reason why move-in cleaning services exist is that they are very much needed! Unlike regular or basic house cleaning, there is a lot more that goes into cleaning and sanitizing a house, and professional cleaners know exactly what that is.
Sadly, unless it is agreed upon in a lease or contract when renting or purchasing a home in Florida, you can’t expect to move into a clean and fully sterilized house. On the other hand, moving house within Florida gives you the opportunity to visit the property as opposed to just looking at pictures (which can be deceiving); in this case, real estate agents or homeowners are careful to keep the place looking neat and clean, however, what lies beneath the surface is questionable.
With that in mind, let’s look at some of the factors that support the importance of hiring a professional move-in cleaning service for your new home in Florida.

Why You Should Hire a Move-In Cleaning Service

Now, more than ever, it is critically important that your surroundings are cleaned and disinfected for your own health, and that of your family’s. With coronavirus cases in Florida rising every day, moving to a new house within the state comes with its own set of risks due to this ongoing pandemic. Of course, with or without COVID-19 to worry about, there are other reasons why you should hire a professional Florida move-in house cleaning service. All the information you need about that can be found below.

1. The House Needs to be Free of Viruses

We’re living in times where nothing can be left to chance when it comes to potentially contracting a virus such as COVID-19. Particularly in households with elders and/young children, protecting them from dangerous viruses must be a priority.
Along with potential viruses, there may be nasty bacteria present on surfaces that are not visible to the naked eye. The benefit of hiring a professional cleaning service to give your new home a top to bottom clean includes the killing of germs and viruses in the house before you and your family move in. Professional cleaners are trained and experienced in thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing surfaces so there’s never any worry of missed spots when you hire a move-in cleaning service in Florida.

2. Professionals Do it Best

While you may think this is something you can do by yourself, it’s important to understand the difference between DIY cleaning and professional move-in cleaning service. For starters, one must be incredibly meticulous in order to get the job done thoroughly. On the other hand, knowing the right way to go about cleaning and disinfecting a house is crucial.
If you have any doubts about the end result when attempting a DIY move-in clean, rest assured that professionals possess the right tools, products, techniques, and know-how to do it for you.

3. Dirty Houses Take Time to Clean

With the stress and endless list of things to do when moving house, the last thing anyone wants is to spend a great deal of time trying to make their new home clean and livable. Well, hiring a professional move-in cleaning service means you won’t have to lift a finger or waste any of your precious time to do it!
Best of all, a team of experienced cleaning professionals can get a dirty home cleaned up far more quickly than the average homeowner. Furthermore, in some cases wherein the previous owners/tenants have left the house in a terrible mess, the use of professional cleaning equipment and special cleaning products are required.

4. The House Will Be Ready to Move in

When you hire a move-in cleaning service, the only thing left for you to do is move in! This allows you and your family to settle in quickly, and resume normal life sooner than later. Anyone that is working or has other responsibilities to attend to will understand how important it is to get back to your regular life in Florida as soon as possible.
Another crucial factor to consider is the results of a professionally cleaned kitchen and bathroom. These are places that typically hold the most bacteria and therefore, must be disinfected properly in order to start using them immediately.

5. They Follow Strict Procedures and a Checklist

The discipline of a professional move-in cleaning service ensures that each cleaning task is handled with safety measures in place. Owing to their extensive experience in cleaning and disinfecting homes, Tampa Bay Maid Cleaning Service is well-equipped to safely sanitize homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Along with this, top-rated cleaning services in Florida stick to a move-in cleaning checklist to ensure that a thorough and satisfactory cleaning is provided on every occasion. That’s not all; when dealing with reputable move-in cleaning services, you can rest assured that they carry liability insurance so you and your new home are never at risk of loss in any shape or form.

The words “it’s better to be safe than sorry”, not to mention “prevention is better than cure”, are not to be taken lightly during a global pandemic.

Contact Tampa Bay Maid Cleaning Service  to hire a thorough and professional Florida move-in cleaning service for your new home today!


DIY Home Disinfection Guide: How to Prevent Viruses in Your Home

So many people believe that the best way to prevent viruses in your home is by diligently cleaning it; well, no one can deny that cleaning your house is beneficial to your health in more ways than one, however, there is a major difference between cleaning and disinfecting a household. To put it simply, cleaning will remove dirt, grime, and perhaps some germs, but disinfection is the only way to kill viruses in your home.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a list of disinfectants to be used for effectively killing germs that can spread the highly contagious coronavirus and other types of viruses such as whooping cough and influenza. Therefore, it is imperative that you switch to germ-fighting cleaning solutions for home cleaning tasks.

During a time like this when COVID-19 had brought the world to a standstill and the number of cases and deaths continue to rise around the globe, it is absolutely necessary to disinfect your home to ensure that this easily transmissible virus does not affect your home and family.

How to Disinfect Your Home

Before you can attempt to disinfect your home, it is important to clean it. Just like a regular cleaning routine that involves vacuuming/sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting the furniture, and washing the bathroom(s), these cleaning tasks must be done on a daily basis before disinfecting your house. Cleaning will help to avoid cross-contamination while also removing some germs from household surfaces.

After you have cleaned the house, focus on disinfecting those common areas in your home that are prone to bacteria buildup, otherwise known as ‘high-touch surfaces’. Basically, these are objects and surfaces that are frequently touched in a house that may potentially be contaminated with a virus.

Common High-Touch Surfaces and Objects

  • Doorknobs/handles
  • Switchboards/switches
  • Furniture (tables, cabinets, chairs, shelves, etc)
  • Armrests
  • Toilet seat, lid, and flush pull/button
  • Faucets
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Countertops
  • Remotes
  • Gaming consoles
  • Gadgets (mobile phones, tabs, iPads, etc)
  • Computers

Along with the list above, consider other areas and items that you or other household members frequently touch and put them on your list of high-touch surfaces that require disinfection.

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces and Objects

Daily disinfection of these frequently touched things in your house is as simple as wiping them down with EPA-approved disinfectant wipes or a spray and a clean cloth. Although disposable wipes are not feasible, we suggest using them on germy hotspots such as the toilet seat, lid, and bowl exteriors, as well as doorknobs and handles. This is because using the same cloth on different objects after wiping these surfaces run the risk of cross-contamination.

For other areas and items, simply dampen a clean cloth with your chosen disinfectant and wipe them down thoroughly. Rinse or replace the cloth at intervals and throw them in the washer for a hot cycle after you have finished using them.

How to Disinfect Fabrics in Your House

Studies have shown that viruses including the novel coronavirus can survive on fabrics such as the clothes you wear and the bed linen you sleep on. Although the possibility of contracting the virus from fabric is relatively low, it’s better to be safe than sorry. More importantly, if a household member is sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, disinfecting their clothes, bed sheets, and other fabrics that they have been in contact with is a must to stop the spread of the virus in your house. This, of course, is just as important as disinfecting the entire house when someone living in your home catches a dangerous virus. Similarly, if you have been out and crossed paths with people/strangers, your clothes should be removed and put in the washer as soon as you get home.

Laundering Clothes/Sheets to Disinfect Them

The good news is that laundering fabrics in a washing machine using regular detergent is all you need to do to kill potential viruses that may be clinging to the material. For someone that has tested positive for coronavirus, however, it is advisable to use the hottest cycle appropriate for the fabric in question as heat aids in effectively killing viruses.

IMPORTANT: When handling fabrics of a sick person or potentially contaminated fabrics, avoid shaking them as this will disperse the virus into the air.

How to Disinfect Upholstery

Removable upholstery such as cushion covers and curtains can be laundered/disinfected as per their cleaning requirements using regular laundry detergent and hot water (unless their labels suggest specific washing instructions). Upholstered furniture, on the other hand, needs to be manually disinfected at least twice a week during a deadly virus outbreak like COVID-19.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Use an upholstery attachment to vacuum the surface.
  2. Dampen the upholstery by spraying with a disinfectant or use a clean, saturated cloth to wipe over the surface.
  3. Allow it to air dry, preferably overnight.
  4. Vacuum again the following day.

By using the guide above to disinfect your home on a daily basis, your efforts to prevent viruses in your house will not go in vain! Of course, following strict protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic is critically important to avoid contracting the virus and/or spreading it to others. Until the fight against coronavirus has been won, stay home, wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing, and use sanitizer and wear a mask when out in a public place.



The Mental Benefits of a Clean Home

Imagine you are having a stressful day. Issues came up at work, with the kids, or with family or friends. Or maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed and bummed out about something. You can’t wait to get home. You want to relax. Now, imagine your home is full of piles – paper piles, dish piles, laundry piles. Do you feel relaxed coming home to this?

I know I don’t. Trust me, I have been there! When your space is a mess it makes a mess of you, so to speak. You deserve better! And can have better!

The top benefits of having a clean home, a clean-living space, an organized and orderly house include less stress, a greater sense of calm, and even more confidence. A clean home also can spark creativity. Yes, read that again. When you have a clean space to think in, relax in, exist in, your mental space is free to explore, write, read, make art, and be more productive in areas of life that are truly meaningful to you.

A clean home is great for your mental wellbeing. It can lessen stress and de-stress you. It can make you feel truly “at home.” There is a peace that exists in a clean and orderly space. It is not just one less thing to worry about, it is one more thing to add to your joy and gratitude list. You can move freely in a clean home.

You can feel confident to invite others over into this space that will radiate a positive message to friends and family. You can feel confident in who you are by having a space that reflects order, peace, clarity, and calm.

Clean homes have also been shown to reduce conflict in families and marriages. Crazy right? I know! But think about it. This space is an extension of you. Of your thought processes, of your mental state. And you can essentially uplift yourself, change your mental state, organize your thoughts by giving them space and a place full of things that ensure order, take away worry, and reduce the urge to shame yourself with the ‘shoulds.’ You know what I mean by the shoulds – the ‘I should clean this up,’ ‘I should do dishes’, ‘I should clean the fridge.’ If those things are done, those thoughts are out of your mind. You are free to think and feel and do other and more productive things! Imagine it!

A clean home does amazing things for your mental state, for your emotional state, and works at deep psychological levels to give you a life of less stress, greater calm, increased confidence, more opportunities to be more productive and creative, and lastly, can even reduce conflict in your life and home.

These benefits are easily accessible, important, and I can help. Check out our services and get in touch with us.

A clean home improves life physically, mentally, and emotionally, so why wait?

Get you house clean so that you can improve your life, increase your creativity,  and boost your  confidence. If you are too busy to clean your home, Tampa Bay Maid will is here to help you improve your life.